About Wild Food Stories

Wild Food Stories is run by me, Leanne Townsend. I live in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland. I have been foraging the local forests and hedgerows for many years. My first love was wild mushrooms, and it was this love that led me to other wild foods such as wild greens and seaweeds. I have been sharing my knowledge with friends, family and colleagues for some time, and due to growing local demand I have directed my passion towards my wild food education and produce business, Wild Food Stories. I run foraging and wild food courses, contribute to local food festivals and events, and make produce from sustainably harvested wild ingredients which can be purchased at local farmers markets. I also supply sustainably harvested wild produce to private clients. I have full liability insurance for my wild food events, produce and supply, and I follow the Association of Foragers code of practice in my professional foraging activities. I am a trustee of my local woodland. I am passionate about the role of foraging in reconnecting people with nature and creating custodians of our natural habitats.