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About Wild Food Stories

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Wild Food Stories is run by me, Leanne Townsend. I am based in Aberdeenshire and offer courses, workshops and other interactive events throughout Scotland. As well as foraging courses I run workshops on wild food preservation, wild booze (including wild cocktails and botanical infusions) and the role of foraging in environmental and human wellbeing. I participate in food festivals and events, including the Scottish WIld Food Festival and Deeside Food Festival. I offer consultation, events and collaborate with local, national and international organisations and brands. To date, I have worked with international drinks brands, local arts organisations, academia, community associations and more. 

I have been foraging the local forests and hedgerows for many years, and my courses and workshops are designed to bring that knowledge and passion to my wider community. I have full liability insurance for my wild food events, and as a member of the Association of Foragers, I follow their code of practice in my professional foraging activities. I am a trustee of my local woodland. I am passionate about the role of foraging in reconnecting people with nature and creating custodians of our natural habitats.

A social scientist by trade, I lead a number of research projects at UK and EU level on food systems and production in rural areas. My latest research will explore the social science of foraging and wild food practices, so watch this space as I will be sharing my findings here!

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