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I was invited to talk with the brilliant "Welcome to the Mushroom Hour" about all things foraging - we cover how I got into foraging and began to teach, the foraging culture and opposing values in the UK, reconnections with nature and its importance in our current climate crisis, and research I'm carrying out to explore these important topics. Listen to the podcast here.

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In this podcast I talk with Miles Irving, owner of Forager Ltd. and author of the The Foraging Handbook. The conversation looks in depth at the practice of foraging as a form of dwelling in place, and considers its role in cultural heritage, well being and environmental stewardship. We talk about the role that foraging can play in local food systems and rural economies. Listen to the podcast here

In this article, I share five foraging facts to equip readers with the knowledge they need to get started with foraging. Learn about legal aspects of foraging, as well as important safety aspects and environmental considerations. Read the article here.  


In this article I share my journey to North East Scotland-based wild food specialist and instructor. Read the article here

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