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As the weather turns warmer, my appetite turns to more refreshing preparations that make the most of the wonderful spring greens available at the moment. This chilled soup is made with a selection of weeds from my garden: cleansing cleavers, balancing nettles and healing chickweed. The soup is made with a base of Filmjölk which is yoghurt made from a heritage Finnish culture that was gifted to me by a friend, but you can of course use any live natural yoghurt - though I recommend going for one of medium thickness rather than the very thick and creamy Greek yoghurts. This recipe could not be more simple. I added the mixed and washed wild greens to a small amount of water, whizzed in a bullet blender and strained. This I added to the yoghurt and mixed well. SImple! The soup can then be chilled (though it's probably chilled enough if your yoghurt came out of the fridge) and garnished with shredded herbs (in my case Wild Garlic shoots), sea salt, chilli or whatever takes your fancy (roasted crushed hazlenuts would be lovely). SERVES 2

INGREDIENTS: 1 good handful each of chickweed, nettles and young cleavers 2 cups of live natural yoghurt Garnish(es) of choice METHOD: 1. I Wash thewild greens then add to a small amount of water, whizz in a bullet blenderor food processor, strain. 2. Add thee green "juice" to the yoghurt and mix well. 3. Serve garnished with wild herbs, sea salt, roasted crushed nuts or seeds, or any garnish of your choice. Enjoy!

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